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Haiyue Group, founded in 2004, is a comprehensive service enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales. The factory is located in the world factory capital Dongguan, Guangdong Province, covers an area of 9800 square meters, has a domestic professional R & D team and technology. After years of development, the group has established Dongguan Haiyue Plasticizing Co., LTD., Haiyue Infrared Optics Research Institute (Guangdong) Co., LTD., and Dongguan Haiyue Optical Technology Co., LTD., with well-known brand trademarks such as "Infrared Haiyue" and "KSM Kosman". Haiyue has been adhering to the original intention, continue to invest in the field of infrared optical plastics research and development, committed to providing customers with infrared optical plastics technical support and solutions!

The company's products are mainly used in vehicle central control, security camera, infrared window, infrared camera, infrared touch control, infrared monitoring, infrared thermal imaging, infrared induction, smart home, Bluetooth headset, mobile phone lens, smart instrument panel, LiDAR cover materials, robots, military and other fields. Has successfully developed infrared penetrating plastic particles, infrared filters, infrared filters, infrared filter film, infrared filter strip. The surface color of the material is black, white, dark red or brown, etc., and other color performance can be customized according to customer requirements. Infrared transmission material optical performance is stable, strong penetration, strong anti-interference ability, visible light, strong light shielding, can pass through IR385nm-1600nm above wavelength near infrared region, infrared transmittance according to the thickness of the component, working band and color requirements, transmittance can reach 88%-99%.

Dongguan Haiyue Plasticization Co., Ltd.
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